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It is the best way to obtain from roasted coffee beans all the pleasure they are capable of giving. Espresso Is the drink obtained by forcing hot water with adequate pressure through ground coffee. Espresso coffee must not contain any additives or aromas.

What You Need



1 Grind and Dose Coffee

Measure and grind 17g of coffee - one rounded AeroPress scoop or approximately 2 ½ tbsp. Grind coffee as fine as table salt.

2 Prepare the Machine

Prepare the AeroPress for priming by placing the filter in the basket. Next, preheat the coffee maker and rinse the filter with hot water. This removes any paper flavor and heats everything up. Heat your cup with hot water while you do this.

3 Prepare a shot

Discard the rinse water from your cup. Place the basket at the bottom of the brew chamber and place it on top of the mug. If helpful, use the funnel (or coffee loader) that comes with the AeroPress to add 17g of coffee. Then remove the funnel.

4 Serve and Enjoy

Start your timer when you pour hot water (just from the boil or around 205°F) into your coffee maker. Saturate all grains within 10 seconds. Pour into No. 4 or 220 g of water if you are using a scale. Rotate the chamber, making sure all the coffee is saturated.