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The Incredible Journey

You open the bag and feel its special fragrance, prepare a cup and feel its unique aroma, and finally, what you expected, taste its incredible flavor ... is Passion Coffee... There ends the incredible journey that Passion has made from a tree on a mountain, to reach your cup months later, thanks to the efforts of many people.

The Discovery

I am the Probat L5 toaster. I was born in Germany and immigrated to Honduras in 2003 to work with Passion Coffee. At first they gave me very common coffees from Honduras, but I was always left unsatisfied. Suddenly, specialty coffees from Honduran producers began to appear that had an incredible flavor. Some fruity, others sweet like honey and others very creamy. This was the year that marked my life. Since then, every morning I wake up excited with the desire to roast and smell these delicious coffees.

Art and Science

The most important components of coffee are the acids that give it its fruity flavor and the sugars that give it its sweetness. The art and science of roasting coffee is finding the sweet spot between sweetness and fruitiness. At Passion Coffee we are constantly chasing that perfect combination to achieve the best flavor.


Producers are people who work a whole year to bring us those coffee beans. Until we drink that cup of coffee, we feel the result of your effort.

I am Passion!

I am Passion, and you? Passion for flavor, passion for excellence, Passion for Honduras. We are looking for people who share our passion.